Top 3 Causes of Air Conditioner Problems and How to Fix Them

Did you think to make sure your AC unit is running perfectly before you head into the sultry part of the summer? In hot countries, it has become a part and parcel and you can’t spend a single moment without it. You know well that if your air conditioner goes out life becomes pretty unbearable.

So, it’s important to make sure that your AC is running well. Besides, it’s essential for you to know the common air conditioner problems and solutions.

Your air conditioner may suddenly stop working for any simple issues. If you don’t fix the problem you must require a professional technician to repair the issue. But, for simple issues, we see that sometimes a householder can find simple problems with problem-solving.

We will discuss the following problems and a problem-solving guide to help you address some of the most common air conditioner problems and solutions you may face with your air conditioner in this article.

Keep in mind that you may face many common problems with air conditioners that can happen due to a lack of maintenance. So, you have to keep your air conditioner with proper maintenance.

The good news for you is the fact that we have already prepared an infographic that should solve a lot of problems. Our designers wanted to make sure that you get a visual image that will cater to the 3 common air conditioner problems and solutions. So here, you go.

What Are the Causes of Air Conditioner Problems?

There are many causes of air conditioner problems. Among them, we will know some remarkable causes of air conditioner problems. Here are given below in detail.

Top 3 most common Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions.

Enjoy the visuals.

ac problems and solutions

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So the image is self-explaining and it has a lot of information for you. However, we are going to break down everything for you.

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01. Air Conditioner Low Refrigerant Problem

You can’t think of your air conditioner without a refrigerant system. That means the refrigerant system is a part and parcel of air conditioning operation. An air conditioner can’t perform heat exchange without a refrigerant system. The refrigerant system of air conditioners shifts heat from one location (indoors) to another (outdoors).

So, now you understand that a small loss of refrigerant can cause your air conditioner many problems. Generally, at the time of air conditioner refrigerant loss, you decide to call in a professional repair right then. But no matter! We will learn about how to solve this problem at home.

The Problems You May Face by Low Refrigerant

Less Cooling Performance

Do you feel less cooling performance in your home in the past few days? Or, are you running your air conditioner all day long to keep cool in your home? If both answers are yes then your air conditioner’s refrigerant level is low.

If the refrigerant charge system is sufficient then it will operate well. But, when the refrigerant level falls down, your unit’s ability to cool your home will also drop as well. Here Causes of Reduced Cooling Capacity in Your Air Conditioner.

May freeze on the Evaporator Coil

Because of the low refrigerant level, your air conditioner’s evaporator coil may be frosted. A low refrigerant problem of your AC can make it difficult for the evaporator coil to take enough heat to heat the cold refrigerant.

When the refrigerant of your AC remains cool wetness can increase and cause frost around your coil. The low refrigerant level of your AC not only reduces your AC’s cooling performance but also raises your energy costs owing to continuous operation.

So, the low refrigerant problem can affect your AC’s evaporator coil greatly

Maybe to Impair the Compressor Motor

The low refrigerant problem may cause serious damage to your AC’s compressor motor. If you use your air conditioner unit for a longer period under this low refrigerant problem can result in overheating or burning out your AC’s compressor motor.

It’s also very expensive to replace the damaged compressor motor. So, now you can understand what a great impact on your comfort a low refrigerant air conditioner problem may affect.

What’s the solution to the low refrigerant problem?

First, shut off the system when you face any indication of any of these problems. The low refrigerant problem can happen due to being undercharged or having a leak.

So, you have to check leaks then charge the system with the correct amount of refrigerant.

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02. Frozen AC Coils Problem

You may face any AC problem but the first symptom you are likely to observe is the heat.  Do you feel that your AC isn’t performing as it should? In this case, you may inspect a few things.

You have to check the air flowing through the supply registers.

If the air flowing is warm or stopped altogether, then your AC’s frozen coil could be the problem.

Besides, you may feel much moisture in your house. That’s for the problem of the frozen coil.

Causes of Frozen AC Coils Problem

There are many causes of frozen AC coil problems. Among them, remarkable are given below.

Dirty Air Filters

First of all, clear airflow is mandatory in order to function your AC properly. Filthy filters of your AC prevent the air from flowing smoothly.

If the air can’t flow perfectly, then the coils may get too cold. Consequently, your frozen AC coils turn into ice. To avoid this filthy filter problem you may choose the best ac filter for home.

Broken Fans

You know that in spite of having clean filters your AC may lead to frozen AC coil problems because of broken fans.

If your AC has a broken motor or dirty blades then it will cause frozen coils.

Blocked Condensate Lines

To drain away excess moisture from humidity is the main duty of Condensate Lines. So, if the Condensate lines are blocked for any issues your AC Coils may freeze.

The excess moisture of your AC coils condensed into water circulating through pipes to a ground drain. If the water is stuck for a clogged pipe in one place your AC coils may freeze.

Generally, it happens near the evaporating coils. Consequently, the coils freeze.

Thermostats Problem

Your thermostat controls the temperature of your AC. So, if the thermostat senses the wrong for any issues and continues its working process then it may cause frozen AC coils.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant changes pressure and temperature so as to absorb heat. If it leaks, the shortage of pressure can create it and absorb a lot of heat than it ought to.

This makes the refrigerant leak, and so the coils freeze over.

What’s the solution to the frozen AC coil problem?

While you are facing a frozen AC coil problem it can be solved in a limited way by you. But in most cases, you need a qualified HVAC service to repair the problems. Besides, for solving your problem at home we are giving some instructions. Please follow step by step.

  • In the first step, turn off the thermostat for reducing further damage. Turn the fan switch to  “fan-only” for blowing air over the coils. You should be ready with containers to contain the dripping water and restrain water damage as the ice may melt in case of ice accumulation on the coil may extend beyond the dimensions of the condensate drip pan may also beneath the air handler.
  • In the second step, You have to check the air filter as low system airflow is one of the causes of coil icing. Even a clogged filter can be a great cause to reduce airflow. The refrigerant circulating through the coil can’t eliminate sufficient heat while the system airflow drops below the standard. You know that refrigerant temperature falls down into the range below 32 degrees and the coil continues to condense water as well. Consequently, the ice started to freeze on the coil surfaces.
  • You have to install a new filter if the filter seems extremely dirty or clogged. Then, wait for the ice till it melts off the coil. Finally, restart the system and if you find the problem again then try to get professional help.

03. Dirty Condenser Coils Problems

The condenser coils are the most important materials for your AC.

They are black and found usually at the back of the refrigerator.

In some models, they are also found on the top or at the bottom of the AC unit.

The condenser coils are very important for the cooling process because they make the highly pressurized and heated refrigerants cool. So, it’s easily understood that if the condenser coils are dirty, the heat appliance can’t cool off properly.

The Problems You May Face by Dirty Condenser Coils Problems

The main problem you may face caused by dirty condenser coils is that the compressor doesn’t work efficiently. Consequently, the appliances can’t cool off properly. As the compressor heats up the refrigerant it also needs to cool down as well. But, the dirt of condenser coils restrains dissipating the heat. As a result, the condenser coils can’t lose heat easily.

Another problem is that the compressor begins to eat up a lot of energy and so increases the electric bills. Basically,  Dirty condenser coils are the cause of overheating the compressor, and overheating of the compressor causes it to stop working. As a result,  the entire refrigeration begins to stop it’s processed as well.

What’s the solution to dirty condenser coils problems?

The solution is very easy. You have to just clean the dust and grime of the condenser coils with a vacuum cleaner and a duster. The duster’s task is to remove the dust from the coils and the vacuum cleaner’s task is to remove grime that is sticking to condenser coils.

The duster can easily remove the dust from the coils but it’s impossible for it to remove grime that is sticking to the condenser coils. So, to remove grime you have to use a vacuum cleaner.

Besides, to avoid dirty condenser coils problems you can use the best air conditioner covers.

Here how to Solve Problems with Air Conditioning Units: How to repair at your home


As air conditioning is inevitable for our day-to-day life it should be taken care of perfectly. Otherwise, you will face unbearable affliction with AC problems. If you plan on trying to repair your air conditioning yourself it may save you some money as well. You may also avoid some AC problems by using the best smart plug for your air conditioner. We should take proper steps consciously to avoid AC problems that are caused by low maintenance.

Hopefully, you will be benefited following this article’s instructions. You can get electronics product honest reviews at GetBestElectronicsFind Thank you.

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