How Can I Boost My Spectrum WIFi Signal? The 8 Best Ways in 2022

Do you know that you can boost your spectrum wifi signal? Yes! It’s possible to boost your spectrum wifi signal though you don’t buy a new router or change your provider. So, here we will know 8 simple ways to boost your spectrum wifi signal. Let’s start.

8 Simple Ways to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi Signal


01: Select a Good Position for Your Router

To boost your spectrum wifi signal, the mandatory duty is to place your router in a suitable position. But don’t place your router near those kinds of metal objects that may emit electromagnetic waves. Because the presence of metal objects near your router causes disruptions of WiFi signal.

There are many other materials such as wood, glass, foam, plastics as well as cardboard that can less WiFi signal strength.

Besides, appliances that may emit electromagnetic waves you should place your router as far away from these devices. Those appliances are fluorescent light bulbs, electric razors, circuit breakers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, as well as stoves.

Even you should place your router away from other problematic devices like washing machines, televisions, tumble dryers, radiant heaters, and cordless phones to boost better wifi signals.

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02: Keep Your Router up-to-date

If you want to boost your wifi signals then it’s mandatory to keep your router up-to-date. Because unless you keep your router up to date then malware may attack and cause network disruptions.

Besides, the routers that are not up to date work worse than the routers that are up to date. So, it’s wise to keep your router up to date.

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How to update your router?

  • First, connect to the router’s network and go to any web browser of your PC or mobile.
  • Then, type the IP address of your router and press the Enter button.
  • You will find 2 boxes that require an admin username and password. (IP address will be found from the information sticker on the bottom or back of your router)
  • Log in entering the correct admin username and password. ( You will find the admin username and password from the information sticker on the bottom or back of your router)
  • Then update your router by selecting the Firmware Update or Router Update option.
  • Now just wait as long as your router may find and install the latest firmware completely.

03: Set Up a Stronger Antenna

Setting up a stronger antenna is one of the most important things that may boost your wifi signal. Most WiFi extenders you will find in the market that come with small, weak antennas that have 4–5 dBi gain.

So, if you want to boost your wifi network then it will be undoubtedly better to buy a stronger antenna that has a minimum of 9 dBi gain. It will help to create an excellent wifi signal.

04: Encrypt Your WiFi

If many people use wifi at the same time then it creates a slow signal. So, you should create a wifi password for protecting your wifi from other people’s usage.

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05: Use a WiFi Booster/Repeater/ Extender

Though the names are different but actually WiFi Booster/Repeater/ Extenderare the same thing.WiFi repeaters receive the existing signal from the WiFi router and rebroadcast the signal as a new network like an extension of the main network.

On the other hand, WiFi boosters and extenders amplify the existing signal then they rebroadcast the signals to make a second network. That’s why WiFi boosters and extenders are alike and have a stronger range than WiFi repeaters.

Where the network signal is very weak, you can use WiFi boosters or extenders to create a stronger network zone in that weak place. It will be better to use a WiFi booster app or the best wifi extender for spectrum to get the best performance.

06: Choose a Different WiFi Channel

There are multiple WiFi channels on WiFi router-like lanes on the highway. So, to avoid the network traffic jam, you should switch your wifi channel to a new one. It will help to boost your wifi signal.

07: Prioritize Certain Bandwidth-Hungry Applications Over Others

Most of the routers come with a QoS setting that allows prioritization of certain bandwidth-hungry applications over others. This setting will help to increase your wifi signals.

08: Apply The Latest WiFi Technologies

It’s a common thing that the WiFi latest technology will be of course better than the older wifi technology. Because the newer wifi technologies provide superior download and upload speeds and the best wifi signals than the older WiFi technologies. So, it will be wise to keep pace with the latest version of WiFi Technologies.

Besides, you may do the following things to boost your wifi signal.

  • Use 5 GHz Wireless Frequency
  • Don’t Neglect to Reboot
  • Use the Latest Software
  • Use a better internet plan

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Actually WiFi signal is a variable thing that may be stronger or weaker for many reasons. You should avoid those things that may help to create a weaker network signal. And must follow our stated points to boost your wifi signal. Hopefully, following the 8 Simple ways to boost your home Wi-Fi signal, you can increase your wifi signal better than compared before.

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Thank you.

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