How To Connect Computer To Wifi Without Cable? Best 4 Solution

There was a time, it was normal to use cables for connecting the computer with the internet. But, in this era of modern technology, everyone prefers wireless connections.

There are still some fair reasons to connect your desktop to the internet with a cable, it may be your computer is older or anything else, however, you want to move to a wireless connection because of the easy and hassle-free connection.

Yes, you can do it!! And in this article, we will let you know how you can connect your computer to wifi without cable. So, let’s start.

Four Effective Ways to Connect a Computer to WiFi Without Cable

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Here, I am describing the four surprising ways to connect your computer to wifi without cable. So, let’s know these surprising ways:

1. USB WiFi Adapters

If you want to connect your computer to wifi without a cable then a USB adaptor might be the best option. It allows your PC to connect wirelessly to the router in spite of not having any wireless network card.

How to install a USB adaptor?

Generally, A USB WiFi adapter can connect to the wifi automatically but if it doesn’t then follow the following methods:

  • A USB WiFi adapter usually comes with a CD. Insert the CD in your PC and install the driver software package completely.
  • Then, connect your USB WiFi adapter to your computer and follow the instructions as you can see on the screen
  • Got to the Setup wizard and set the name of your USB WiFi adapter
  • Then set a login password and search the available WiFi networks in the range
  • Click to your desired network and give the password to access the network

Benefits of using a USB WiFi adapter

  • Don’t need to set up any extra computer hardware.
  • Easy wireless setup
  • Don’t require to use of any cable
  • Less expensive

2. PCIe Wi-Fi cards

If you want to connect your computer to the latest and fastest wireless technology, then you must have to select the PCI-e WiFi adapter. It provides higher speed internet and is much better than the USB WiFi Adapter considering overall aspects.

How to install a PCIe Wi-Fi card?

  • Turn off your PC and unplug it from the outlet
  • Open your PC’s cabinet
  • Point out the PCI slot( an empty slot)
  • Remove the slot’s cover
  • Set up the PCI-e WiFi adapter
  • Secure the adapter using the screw
  • Close up the cabinet
  • Insert the CD and install the drivers
  • After installed, restart your PC

Benefits of Using PCI-e WiFi Adapters

  • Stronger network connection
  • Designed with antennas
  • Don’t require any USB port

3. WiFi-enabled Motherboard

The WiFi-enabled Motherboard means your PC needs no extra hardware to connect with a router or wifi.

If you look for the easiest way to connect your computer to wifi without cable, then the WiFi-enabled Motherboard will be the best option. Besides, you can upgrade your computer and get the best out of network connectivity.

How to install a WiFi-enabled Motherboard?

If you buy a new WiFi-enabled Motherboard then it comes with a driver disk. So, insert the disk and install the driver following the instructions.

Benefits of Using WiFi-enabled Motherboard

  • High-speed networking
  • Comes with lots of features
  • You can upgrade with the latest features
  • Don’t require to use any separate card

Let’s enjoy this video.

4. WiFi Card

A wifi card, mostly known as a wireless network card is such a device through which you can connect your PC with wifi without cable. Its installation is alike to the PCI-e adapter’s installation. If you set up a good wifi card on your PC, it will help you to get a stable wireless connection and the wireless connection will never drop.  But before installing a wifi card be sure whether your pc supports this card.

Benefits of Using WiFi Card

  • Comes with antennas
  • Higher wireless speeds
  • Superior range

How to install a WiFi card?

  • Open the PC and track out the PCI-e slot
  • Set up the wifi card perfectly opening the slot cover
  • Lock the slot with the screw perfectly
  • Close the cabinet carefully
  • Then, insert the driver disk and install it following the proper instructions
  • Then boot up your computer
  • You’re ready to connect your wifi 

So, What is the best way to connect a PC to WIFI?

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After reading the four methods, now you can understand the best way to connect your computer to wifi is the USB Wi-Fi adapter. Because it’s lower-priced, easier to install, smaller & portable as well. It might be the greatest option for you overall.

Why Is My PC Not Connecting To WIFI?

There may be many reasons for your PC not connecting to wifi. Every wifi router comes with a particular wifi coverage and if your pc is out of that coverage, then your pc can’t connect to wifi. So, be sure your pc is in the range.

Check the router is powered. If it’s unplugged then plug it in the outlet perfectly. Ensure your wifi pass and username is correct.

In the case of adapters, you should update it regularly with the latest version. Check the adapters whether it’s compatible with your computer or not before buying.

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I have described 4 methods to connect your computer to wifi without any cable. You may select any method according to your choice. But in my opinion, the most affordable, easiest, and fastest way to connect your PC wirelessly to Wifi is using USB WiFi Adapters. So, my best recommendation: NETGEAR AC1900 Wi-Fi USB 3.0 Adapter for Desktop PC.

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