How to Fix Slow Internet Connection: Top 9 Problems & Solutions

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What can be more annoying than having a slow internet connection? When you are working to deliver urgently or downloading a file then an internet slow connection can be causes of very annoying to you.

Besides, this issue can affect the business adversely and cause to decrease in productivity since employees have to hold up time for a longer duration to send emails, for pages to load, or for downloading attachments. Consequently, this problem may lead to big frustration in the workplace.

In this era of modern technology, much of the action largely depends on the Internet. So, due to the slow connection of the internet, it’s difficult to think of development in every sector.

Therefore to get rid of this problem, we need to fix the internet’s slow connection. Here are 9 ways to fix the slow internet connection.

Top 9 Problems And How To Fix Slow Internet Connection!

01: Check your Data Plan

Your net connection may be slow due to paying for crappy internet. Call the providers or log on to their website and find out what plan

you’re using. Then check your internet speed at or any alternative sites. if you find the speed close to what you’re paying for, that means your network is ok but your internet plan isn’t so fast. So, the best way to solve this issue you need to upgrade to a better data plan.

02: Fix Your Hardware

If the modem or router works well on the other Gaming computer but works slow on your computer then this means the problem is with your computer. So, before cursing your internet provider, troubleshoot hardware problems.

03: Hardware’s Limitations

In spite of paying for a super-fast internet plan like1 Gbps, you will never get your desired speeds if your primary Wi-Fi router is an antiquated wireless-n device. Similarly, you may have a super-fast internet plan like1 Gbps speed and an awesome wireless router but your laptop or desktop is older or cheaper.

So, in this case, your internet speeds must be so slow. So, to get the best speed you also need to fix hardware’s limitations.

04: Troubleshoot your Wi-Fi Signal

If you use Wi-Fi, sometimes you may find the slow speed of the internet and WiFi “dead zones” around your house. So in this case, your router and internet both may be well but the problem is with your wireless signal.

If the wireless signal is weak or you’re facing problems getting a strong, dependable wireless signal in every corner of your home or offices then a long-range Wi-Fi extender might be the exact solution to solve this issue.

In fact, we have the Best Wifi Extender for Spectrum, so you may check that out if you face problems with the wireless signal.

05: Turn off Auto Update or limit bandwidth-hogging apps

When your hardware continues its other working process like downloading files, file-syncing services, or downloading necessary updates, then your regular web browsing may be slower. In this case, you should turn off auto-update or limit bandwidth-hogging apps.

Even, you may use add blockers such as Ad Block Plus and Privacy Badger so that they can block some of the bandwidth-hogging ads, animations, and videos. It will help to increase internet connection speed at least a little bit.

06: You May Try A New DNS Server

Do you know when you type a website address into your browser your computer looks up and translates that name into a computer-friendly IP address using DNS? Occasionally, the servers your computer uses to search that information can be causes slow connection issues.

But don’t be anxious because you have many faster, free options to use, such as Google DNS or Cloudflare. A better DNS server may speed up your browsing in a few milliseconds anyhow.

07: Work Smartly

If you need to deliver any project despite a slow internet connection, in that case, you may prioritize tasks differently like bandwidth-heavy and bandwidth-light. When you’re on slow net speed, then try to complete the light tasks.

On the other hand, at the time of fast speed try to complete bandwidth-heavy tasks. Besides, you may work in offline mode in some apps.

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08: Call Your Internet Service Provider

After taking all the necessary steps, if see your net speed is yet slow then you might call your internet service provider. But, don’t misbehave with the customer service representative, assuming that they might have done something wrong.

09: Look for A New Provider

If the internet service provider can’t fix the problem then you should try to look for a new internet service provider, also you can search on google for getting more info!

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How Can I Find Out What Is Slowing Down My Internet?

Check these 5 things then you will understand, actually what’s slowing down your internet.

  • Connection Structure: Do you know that internet speed largely depends on the type of internet connection you use? There are commonly six types of internet connection as Fiber, Cable, Fixed Wireless, Satellite, ADSL, and dial-up. Among them, dial-up is considered the slowest of all network connections.

On the other hand, Fiber-optic internet service is considered the fastest internet/ network connection type. So, the connection type can slow down your internet if you use the older types.

  • Copper telephone lines: When a signal goes through copper cable then it normally becomes weaker. Besides, the longer the distance will be the slower the connection speed will be.
  • Connected Device Congestion: When many users are online at a time using one internet connection it may cause to slow down the internet. Samely, network congestion is also responsible to slow down the connection.
  • Router Location: Router location issues may be the cause to slow down your internet. If the router location is far away from your devices then it may cause you to slow down the internet.

Besides, if the height of the router is low from the ground then it also causes to slows down the internet speed. In addition, dense materials like concrete and metal can block wireless signals.

  • Speed Plan: This is the most affecting factor that causes to slows down the internet speed. You might choose the best internet speed plan to achieve speeds.

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Does surge protector affect Wi-Fi?

Yes, a surge protector may affect Wi-Fi. If your router is plugged in a surge protector then WiFi clients may keep dropping out and reconnecting every 5 seconds. So, if you face this type of problem remove the surge protector in which the AC adapter is plugged in and go straight to the wall jack.

It’s because there have been some electronics in the “surge protector” that help to give off a harmonic that is interfering with the wireless.

Do Surge Protectors Slow Down Internet?

The surge protector does not slow your speed or affect your devices in any way. The surge protection is a passive smart device and has no effect on the electric equipment.

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Actually, a slow internet connection may hinder every sector of the development directly or indirectly. It also causes a great annoyance to us while we spend our leisure time online like social media or YouTube. So, we need to find out what is slowing down the internet and have to fix them. Thus, we and our earth will move forward to development very soon with the fastest internet connection.

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Thank you.

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