How to Reset Kasa Smart Plug? Soft & Factory Reset!

If you want to reset your Kasa Smart Plug, there are two ways (Soft reset and factory reset). you can use the soft reset method or the factory reset. The soft reset method will erase all of your user data, while the factory reset will completely erase your Kasa Smart Plug.

Here are the following on how to reset Kasa smart plug:

How to Soft Reset Kasa Smart Plug? 3 Steps!

You can soft reset when your Kasa Smart Plug appears on the home control system but doesn’t work properly. It fixes most of the complicated issues that you can’t identify exactly on your Kasa Smart Plug. However, here is the following how you can soft reset:

Step 1:

First, plug your TP-Link Kasa smart plug into an AC power outlet. Find the ‘settings or reset button’ on the top edge of the plug. Usually, the settings button looks like a gear and you can find it on the top edge or on the side of the plug.

Step 2:

After locating the settings button, you have to press and hold it for 5 seconds or till the indicator light starts blinking amber and green.

Step 3:

When you can see the signal light is flashing amber and green, open the app and configure the process. When the light stops blinking that means the soft reset is done.

N.B: Soft Reset doesn’t delete the current settings.

How to Factory Reset Kasa Smart Plug? 4 Steps

If you want to get your Kasa smart plug returned to its default settings or reconfigured then you have to factory reset the plug.

Besides, after soft resetting the Kasa smart plug, if the connecting issue or another problem still exists or if you want to change the ownership of your smart plug then you need a factory reset.

Here are the following how to factory reset the TP-Link Kasa smart plug:

  • Step 1:

Plugin your  Kasa smart plug into the outlet

  • Step 2:

Press the settings or reset button and hold it for 10 seconds or till the light starts rapidly flashing amber

  • Step 3:

When the signal light starts rapidly flashing amber that means it’s in the factory reset mode. So, leave the reset button now.

  • Step 4:

Your factory reset on Kasa smart plug is complete. Now set up it on your app like a new device.

N.B: Factory reset on Kasa smart plug erases all the custom settings and returns back to the factory defaults.

How to Change the Wi-Fi on Kasa Smart Plug?

To change the Wi-Fi on Kasa Smart Plug, first open the app and select the device. Under “Settings,” tap “Wi-Fi.” To connect to a new network, enter the network’s name or IP address. To connect to an existing network, click the network icon and enter the password.

if it doesn’t work then, you have to configure the smart plug on the app as a new device again and to do it you need to factory reset.

Why Is Kasa Smart Plug Not Working and How To Fix It?

Like other smart plugs, you may experience difficulties connecting your Kasa smart plug to your home network or other difficulties.

However, here are given some reasons why your Kasa smart plug not functioning properly and how to fix these issues:

Ensure Your Kasa Smart Plug is powered On

You can’t control the smart plug if it’s not connected to the power outlet. So, ensure your Kasa smart plug has the receiver power.

So, if you experience your TP-link Kasa smart plug not connecting to the wifi, then first you have to check whether the smart plug is plugged into the AC power outlet properly. If it’s plugged in properly, then you can see its indicator light is ON.

Ensure the Wi-Fi Network 2.4 GHz, Band

Like the other smart plugs, the TP-link Kasa smart plug only works with the  2.4 GHz Band wifi network. So, you have to ensure that the wifi router is set up to the 2.4 GHz Band.

Strong Wi-Fi Signal

No smart plug will connect properly if the wifi signal is too weak. So, you must ensure a strong wifi signal to let the smart plug function satisfactorily.

Check The Wifi Router’s Connection Limit

You know that you can connect only a limited number of devices to the wifi routers. Some wifi routers offer 150-200 devices to connect or some routers offer to connect 20-50 devices. However, the wifi connectivity power of a router is limited.

So, if your wifi router has reached the connectivity limit, then you can’t connect your smart plug to the wifi. That’s why you have to disconnect some devices to connect the smart plug.

Restore Factory Settings

After trying all the methods to fix issues on your Kasa smart plug, if the issues are not fixed then you have to try to soft reset. Even then, if the functionality problem of your Kasa smart plug is not solved, you have to factory reset the smart plug.

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