How To Reset Smart Plug: Easy Steps Factory Reset for 2021

If the Smart Plugs don’t work properly or you need the default configuration procedure again, you may need to reset your smart plugs. Sometimes it may happen that you are facing troubles with the settings or configuration of the smart plugs.

So, in this article, I am reviewing the procedure on how to reset some of the best smart plugs such as Gosund smart plug troubleshooting, Kasa smart plug, Amazon smart plug, Wemo mini smart plug, and TP-Link Smart wi-fi Plug.

How To Reset Smart Plug?

Here, I’m going to solve some problems! Hope this article will help you. Let’s enjoy these reset wi-fi settings.

How to Reset Gosund Smart Plug?

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Though Gosund WiFi smart plugs are pretty standing and don’t usually create trouble, you sometimes need to troubleshoot. For example, you may face gosund smart plug not connecting or other problems. However, it is you can fix it. Here is given the way how to reset this smart wifi plug.

  • First, you have to unplug the Gosund smart plug.
  • On the second step, press the power button and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Then, plug it into the power outlet once again and leave the power button.
  • Finally, when the LED indicator will be solid then your factory reset is done.

Or enjoy this video if your gosund smart plug not connecting or you want to reset that.

How to Reset TP-Link Smart wifi Plug?

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Now let’s follow the steps on how to reset your tp-link smart plug outlet to its default factory setting:

  • Find the setting button along the top edge of the tp-link smart plug outlet where you will find an icon on the setting button that looks like a gear.
  • Then, tap and hold the settings button down for 10 seconds. Five seconds later, you will notice that the smart outlet’s Wi-Fi light will start changing its color between green and amber. And the rest 5 seconds, you will find that the power light is turning off and the wifi light is starting blinking between off and amber-colored very quickly.
  • This is the last step and in this step, you have to carry away your finger from the settings button when the Wi-Fi light begins blinking very quickly between turning off and being amber-colored. Then, you will notice that all of the lights on the tp-link smart plug will be switched off for a few seconds. At this time, you will eventually listen to a loud click and the power and Wi-Fi lights will turn back on again. The color of the wifi light will at first be a solid amber color, but a few seconds later, it will begin blinking between being amber and green. And congratulations! because you’ve done all the procedures of its default factory settings.

Let’s watch this video for more details.

How to Reset Wemo Plug or Wemo Smart Mini Plug?

Follow the Instructions to Reset Wemo Smart Plug:

  • Press and hold the power button for a few seconds with the Wemo Mini plugged in.
  • In this step, keep on holding the power button down till the Status Light starts to quickly flash white.
  • Then quit the power button to Wi-Fi reset the Wemo Mini and finally, wait for a few moments until the Wemo Mini will complete erasing rapidly its stored Wi-Fi settings and return into setup mode. Your all process is complete and now your Wemo Mini Smart Plug will come back to its default settings.

I’m mentioning a video below, you can flow for Reset Wemo Plug.

How to Reset Kasa Smart Plug?

Now let’s know the instructions about how to reset the tp-link Kasa smart plug:

  • At first, press the control button to turn the socket ON or OFF.
  • Then, press and hold the button for 5 seconds to take action on the configuration process (SoftAP).
  • And finally, press and hold it for 10s or until the LED blinks amber rapidly to restore the Kasa Smart Plug Mini outlet to factory default settings.

Or, Watch this short video.

How to Reset Amazon Smart Plug?

You may face amazon smart plugs not working or other problems, then you can fix it yourself! Just you need to reset your plug. Now we will know the steps on how to reset or deregister Amazon Smart Plug:

  • In the first step, you must have to press the reset button and hold the button on the  Amazon Smart Plug for 12 seconds.
  • In this step, you will see a red LED light and then release the button.
  • Finally, you will see a blue LED light blinking, and your  Amazon Smart Plug reset is complete.
  • Keep a registration of your Amazon Smart Plug in the Alexa app and follow the user guide for better results.

Or enjoy this video if your amazon smart plug is unresponsive, or you want to reset that, Check here.

When Does Your Smart Plug Require Factory Reset?

Your smart plugs need a factory reset if you face the below problems and can’t solve it with the setting.

  • If you can’t find your Wi-Fi Smart Plug with the associate Smart app.
  • If the associate Smart app can’t Turn On or Off the smart plug.
  • Or if you face a configuration problem with your Smart Plug And maybe face problems with LED.
  • If the Smart power outlet doesn’t respond to either app or voice controls.
  • Or issues with the smart plugs remaining connected to your Wi-Fi.

Besides, You may need the best surge protector power strip. Just read that article!

The setup procedure for the Smart Plug did not work. What can I do?

If the setup procedure for the Smart Plug did not work, then please follow the below factory reset procedure and try again the configuration procedure.

Here are the following directions switch to factory reset your wireless smart plug.

1)First,  Plug in the Wireless Smart on the wall switch.

2)Then press the reset button and hold it for about 8 to15 seconds and release it.

3)Then you will watch the blue indicator LED shine 5 times and listen to a clicking sound. Then the blue indicator LED will blink quietly, which points out your factory reset is complete successfully.

Why can’t I connect to Wi-Fi?

If you can’t connect your smart plug with wifi, you might need to reset your Smart Plug.

How do I pair the smart plug with my phone?

Please see these (android) (iPhone) videos on how to pair the smart plug with your phone.

How many Smart Plugs can I connect?

It depends on your Wi-Fi network capability. You can connect many smart plugs at a time as long as your Wi-Fi network can approve.

Why is the LED indicator off?

The Wi-Fi LED indicator is off which means the power outlet is off or the Wi-Fi LED has been deactivated in the App-Config mode.


Actually, smart wifi plugs are a great addition to get involved in a new experience of connected smart home devices as they can be controlled from the android app or you can use voice controls by linking them to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

But, if you start facing problems with these smart plugs you may reset the smart plugs to come back to its default factory settings following our reset instructions.

Furthermore, if you decide to sell or give away the smart plug you have used in your home, it’s always an excellent idea to reset it to the default factory settings so that it’s no longer associated with your smart device or wireless network.

In conclusion, we want to say that hopefully our review on ‘How to reset smart plug’ will help you to troubleshoot some common problems on your smart wifi plug.

Besides, You may need the best wifi extender for spectrum internet! Just check out the article. Thank you

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