How To Reset Smart Plug: Easy Steps Factory Reset for 2022

Your smart plug is not responding or working properly? Want to troubleshoot? Then, this article is very helpful for you.

In fact, smart plugs are pretty standing and don’t usually create trouble. But sometimes, you may need to reset the smart plug to troubleshoot the problem.

For example, you may experience a smart plug not connecting or facing troubles with the settings or configuration of the smart plugs.. In this case, you can try to fix the problem by resetting it.

So, in this article, I am reviewing the procedure on how to reset some of the best smart plugs such as Gosund smart plug troubleshooting, Kasa smart plug, Amazon smart plug, Wemo mini smart plug, and TP-Link Smart wi-fi Plug.

How To Reset Smart Plug?

Here, I’m going to solve some problems! Hope this article will help you. Let’s enjoy these reset wi-fi settings.

How to Reset Gosund Smart Plug?

gosund smart plug google home

If you want to restore the proper operation of the Gosund Mini Smart Plug then you must hard factory reset it.

So, here is how to reset the Gosund smart plug:

1. Plugin the smart plug to the power outlet

As you connect the Gosund smart plug to the AC power you can see a light on the right side of the plug and that’s not blinking.

2. Hold the button

Where you can see the light, press and hold that button for 5 seconds. Now you can see that the light is rapidly blinking and that means the smart plug is now in the reset mode.

3. Unplug the smart plug

The reset is complete. Now remove the smart plug from the outlet and plug in it again. This time, you can see that the smart plug is not blinking.

Or enjoy this video if your gosund smart plug is not connecting or you want to reset that.


  • Resetting the gosund smart plug means all the stored wifi network information from the internal memory will be deleted.
  • Resetting the smart plug will delete your gosund account linked to your wifi.
  • Once you factory reset, you can’t control the gosund smart plug remotely via the app as it will disconnect the wifi connection. So, you have to re-setup the plug again to restore the operation.
  • Besides, after resetting the smart plug, it may not work with Alexa and Google home as all the registration information goes away while resetting. So, you have to add the smart plug as a new device again with Alexa or Google Home.

How To Fix Gosund Smart Plug Not Connecting?

If you experience your Gosund smart plug not connecting, then follow these 4 steps to fix this issue.

  • Check Wi-Fi: If the smart plug is not connecting, then the most common error is the wifi connection problem. So, you have to ensure that your home wifi connection is faultless. Keep in mind that the smart plug only works with the 2.4GHz band. So, ensure that your router setting is set to the 2.4GHz band. If the problem is not solved yet, then restart the router and try to move the router closer to your smart plug.
  • Reset the Plug: After fixing the wifi connectivity, if the problem still exists then you may move on to factory reset. I already have mentioned how you have to reset the gosund smart plug. So, follow those steps and again configure the smart plug with the app.
  • Clear App Data: In some cases, clearing the app data may fix the smart plug connectivity issue. To clear the app data, first, you need to remove your device from the app and then move on to the app settings. You will find the storage setting option there and then clear all data. After clearing the app preferences, open the gosund app again and log in with your gosund account information. Add the smart plug to the same process like you previously did. Hopefully, it may fix your connection issue.
  • Change the Plug: After following the above steps properly, if the issue still exists then contact the Gosund support team and let them know the details. They will provide you some instructions and after following the instructions if your problem is not solved then you have to replace the smart plug.

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How to Reboot Wemo Smart Plug?

If you notice that your Wemo Smart Mini Plug is not responding properly to the Wemo app, then you may fix this issue by rebooting the plug.

So, here is how to reboot the Wemo Smart Plug:

  1. Unplug the smart plug from the outlet.
  2. Wait for a few seconds.
  3. Then plug the plug again into the outlet.

Rebooting is complete. In fact, it’s an easy process but sometimes it may fix some issues.

How to Reset Wemo Smart Plugs?

After rebooting the Wemo Smart Mini Plug if the issue is not solved, then you have to reset the plug. However, you can reset the Wemo Smart Mini Plug in two ways: using the Wemo app and using the button.

So, here are explained the two ways how you can reset your Wemo Smart Plug:

Reset Via the Wemo app


First, open the Wemo app and log in with your Wemo account. To know how to log in with your Wemo account click here.


After logging in, you will see the ‘Edit’ option in the upper right-hand corner of the app. Click on the Edit option.


Click on the Wemo Mini option.


Here you will find the ‘Reset Options’ and click there.


Clicking the reset option, you will see here three types of resetting options: Clear Personalized Info, Change Wi-Fi, and Factory Restore.

  • If you want to delete all the settings back to the default settings, then you may click on the factory restore option.
  • And if you want to change your wifi name and password then you may click on the Change Wifi option.
  • When you want to troubleshoot the rule issues, then you have to click on the Clear Personalized Info option.

Reset Using the Power Button

  • Plugin the Wemo Smart Plug into an outlet
  • Press the power button and hold it for 20 seconds or till the status light rapidly starts blinking white
  • As the status light begins rapidly blinking white, it’s in the reset mode and you can now release the button.

The reset is complete. Note that resetting means it erases all the settings and stored data. So, you have to configure the app again and connect it to your smart plug.

How to Restore a Wemo Smart Mini Plug?

If you want to change all the custom settings to the default option, then you have to restore it. You can restore your Memo smart plug in two ways: Using the app and using the plug.

Restore using the Wemo App

  1. Open the app and go to the Edit option.
  2. Click on the Wemo Mini.
  3. Click on the Reset options.
  4. Click on the Factory reset option among the three options.

Restore using the Wemo Smart Plug

  • Unplug the Wemo smart plug.
  • Press and hold the Power switch for at least 5 seconds.
  • Within the pressing time, plugin it into the power outlet.
  • When you can see the status light rapidly blinks white, release the button.

I’m mentioning a video below, you can flow for Reset Wemo Plug.

How to Reset Kasa Smart Plug?

You can reset your TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug two ways(Soft reset and factory reset). Here are the following on how to reset Kasa smart plug:

How to Soft Reset Kasa Smart Plug?

You can soft reset when your Kasa Smart Plug appears on the home control system but doesn’t work properly. It fixes most of the complicated issues that you can’t identify exactly on your Kasa Smart Plug. However, here is the following how you can soft reset:

Step 1:

First, plug your TP-Link Kasa smart plug into an AC power outlet. Find the ‘settings or reset button’ on the top edge of the plug. Usually, the settings button looks like a gear and you can find it on the top edge or on the side of the plug.

Step 2:

After locating the settings button, you have to press and hold it for 5 seconds or till the indicator light starts blinking amber and green.

Step 3:

When you can see the signal light is flashing amber and green, open the app and configure the process. When the light stops blinking that means the soft reset is done.

N.B: Soft Reset doesn’t delete the current settings.

How to Factory Reset Kasa Smart Plug?

If you want to get your Kasa smart plug returned to its default settings or reconfigured then you have to factory reset the plug.

Besides, after soft resetting the Kasa smart plug, if the connecting issue or another problem still exists or if you want to change the ownership of your smart plug then you need a factory reset.

Here are the following how to factory reset the TP-Link Kasa smart plug:

  • Step 1:

Plugin your  Kasa smart plug into the outlet

  • Step 2:

Press the settings or reset button and hold it for 10 seconds or till the light starts rapidly flashing amber

  • Step 3:

When the signal light starts rapidly flashing amber that means it’s in the factory reset mode. So, leave the reset button now.

  • Step 4:

Your factory reset on Kasa smart plug is complete. Now set up it on your app like a new device.

N.B: Factory reset on Kasa smart plug erases all the custom settings and returns back to the factory defaults.

How to Change the Wi-Fi on Kasa Smart Plug?

In fact, you can’t change wifi on your Kasa smart plug from the app. But if you want to change it, you have to configure the smart plug on the app as a new device again, and to do it you need to factory reset.

Why Is Kasa Smart Plug Not Working and How To Fix It?

Like other smart plugs, you may experience difficulties connecting your Kasa smart plug to your home network or other difficulties.

However, here are given some reasons why your Kasa smart plug not functioning properly and how to fix these issues:

Ensure Your Kasa Smart Plug is powered On

You can’t control the smart plug if it’s not connected to the power outlet. So, ensure your Kasa smart plug has the receiver power.

So, if you experience your TP-link Kasa smart plug not connecting to the wifi, then first you have to check whether the smart plug is plugged into the AC power outlet properly. If it’s plugged in properly, then you can see its indicator light is ON.

Ensure the Wi-Fi Network 2.4 GHz, Band

Like the other smart plugs, the TP-link Kasa smart plug only works with the  2.4 GHz Band wifi network. So, you have to ensure that the wifi router is set up to the 2.4 GHz Band.

Strong Wi-Fi Signal

No smart plug will connect properly if the wifi signal is too weak. So, you must ensure a strong wifi signal to let the smart plug function satisfactorily.

Check The Wifi Router’s Connection Limit

You know that you can connect only a limited number of devices to the wifi routers. Some wifi routers offer 150-200 devices to connect or some routers offer to connect 20-50 devices. However, the wifi connectivity power of a router is limited.

So, if your wifi router has reached the connectivity limit, then you can’t connect your smart plug to the wifi. That’s why you have to disconnect some devices to connect the smart plug.

Restore Factory Settings

After trying all the methods to fix issues on your Kasa smart plug, if the issues are not fixed then you have to try to soft reset. Even then, if the functionality problem of your Kasa smart plug is not solved, you have to factory reset the plug.

How to Reset Amazon Smart Plug?

If you’re experiencing some issues with the Amazon Smart Plug like not functioning or responding properly, then you need to do a hard reset on this smart plug.

Here’s how to do a hard reset on Amazon Smart Plug:

Step 1:

Plug your Amazon smart plug into the AC power outlet.

Step 2:

Locate the action button and maybe it’s on the side of the plug and press it.

Step 3:

Hold the action button and it will start flashing red.

Step 4:

Don’t leave the button until it starts flashing blue from red.

Step 5:

When you see the LED light is blinking blue that means it’s in the reset mode. So, now leave the action button.

Step 6:

After resetting, all the settings of your Amazon smart plug will back to the default factory settings. So, set up the Smart Plug in the app as a new device again.

Why Is Amazon Smart Plug Not Working?

Your Amazon smart plug may not work for some reasons including connecting issues, wifi network problems, or setting issues.

So, when you’re experiencing your Amazon smart plug is not functioning properly, then you have to ensure the network settings are correct and updated.

Even after ensuring correct all the information, if your Amazon smart plug doesn’t work properly, then you must reset the plug to fix the problem.

N.B: After resetting the Amazon smart plug, if your Alexa app can’t connect to it then unfortunately your smart plug is faulty and you have to replace it.

How To Reconnect Amazon Smart Plug?

Once you reset your Amazon Smart Plug, you have to set it up in the Alexa App to reconnect it.

However, here is the following how you can reconnect your Amazon Smart Plug:

Step 1:

Launch the Alexa app

Step 2:

You can see a ‘Devices’ option on the home screen and tap there

Step 3:

Then you will find + icon and tap there

Step 4:

After pressing on the + icon, you will see the Amazon Smart Plug will come automatically on the screen, and tap the ‘Continue’. If it doesn’t appear, then tap the Add Device then tap the Plug, and then the Amazon Smart Plug will appear and click the ‘Next’.

Step 5:

Now you can see a Scan Barcode option here and click there. If your Smart Plug’s Barcode is damaged, then click the ‘Don’t Have a Barcode’ option and follow as the screen instruction says.

Step 6:

After clicking the Scan Barcode option, your smartphone’s back camera will be ON and now you have to scan the Barcode of your Amazon Smart plug. ( The Barcode may be found on the backside of the plug and you have to unplug it while scanning)

Step 7:

After scanning, plug the Amazon Smart Plug into the outlet and wait for a few seconds. In the meantime, you will see that your Alexa app will look for the Amazon Smart Plug to connect it automatically and after connecting the Amazon Smart Plug you will find a Next option here. ( If it doesn’t discover then you may press the action button of the Amazon Smart Plug and hold it until the light starts blinking red and blue)

Step 8:

Now tap the ‘Next’ option. Then you will see two options here; Skip and Choose Group. If you want to add your Amazon Smart Plug to a group then you have to click on the Choose Group option.

Step 9:

Click on the ‘Skip’ option.

Step 10:

Now a text ‘ your plug is set up and ready to use’ will appear on the screen and here you can see the Done option. Finally, click on the Done. Your Amazon Smart Plug reconnecting process is complete!

Why Is Amazon Smart Plug Not Reconnecting?

After you reset your Amazon Smart Plug, if you can’t reconnect it following the re-setup steps, then probably it may be a wifi connection problem.

Even after fixing the wifi network problem, if you experience not reconnecting your Amazon Smart Plug to the Alexa app, then your smart plug is defective.

How to Reset TP-Link Smart wifi Plug?

Now let’s follow the steps on how to reset your tp-link smart plug outlet to its default factory setting:

  1. Find the setting button along the top edge of the tp-link smart plug outlet where you will find an icon on the setting button that looks like a gear.
  2. Then, tap and hold the settings button down for 10 seconds. Five seconds later, you will notice that the smart outlet’s Wi-Fi light will start changing its color between green and amber. And the rest 5 seconds, you will find that the power light is turning off and the wifi light is starting blinking between off and amber-colored very quickly.
  3. This is the last step and in this step, you have to carry away your finger from the settings button when the Wi-Fi light begins blinking very quickly between turning off and being amber-colored. Then, you will notice that all of the lights on the tp-link smart plug will be switched off for a few seconds. At this time, you will eventually listen to a loud click and the power and Wi-Fi lights will turn back on again. The color of the wifi light will at first be a solid amber color, but a few seconds later, it will begin blinking between being amber and green. And congratulations! because you’ve done all the procedures of its default factory settings.

Let’s watch this video for more details.

How to Reset the Topgreener Smart Plug?

Just watch this video and learn to reset Topgreener smart plug!

Teckin Smart Plug Factory Reset!

When Does Your Smart Plug Require Factory Reset?

Your smart plugs need a factory reset if you face the below problems and can’t solve it with the setting.

  • If you can’t find your Wi-Fi Smart Plug with the associate Smart app.
  • If the associate Smart app can’t Turn On or Off the smart plug.
  • Or if you face a configuration problem with your Smart Plug And maybe face problems with LED.
  • If the Smart power outlet doesn’t respond to either app or voice controls.
  • Or issues with the smart plugs remaining connected to your Wi-Fi.

Besides, You may need the best surge protector power strip. Just read that article!

The setup procedure for the Smart Plug did not work. What can I do?

If the setup procedure for the Smart Plug did not work, then please follow the below factory reset procedure and try again the configuration procedure.

Here are the following directions switch to factory reset your wireless smart plug.

1)First,  Plug in the Wireless Smart on the wall switch.

2)Then press the reset button and hold it for about 8 to15 seconds and release it.

3)Then you will watch the blue indicator LED shine 5 times and listen to a clicking sound. Then the blue indicator LED will blink quietly, which points out your factory reset is complete successfully.

Why can’t I connect to Wi-Fi?

If you can’t connect your smart plug with wifi, you might need to reset your Smart Plug.

How do I pair the smart plug with my phone?

Please see these (android) (iPhone) videos on how to pair the smart plug with your phone.

How many Smart Plugs can I connect?

It depends on your Wi-Fi network capability. You can connect many smart plugs at a time as long as your Wi-Fi network can approve.

Why is the LED indicator off?

The Wi-Fi LED indicator is off which means the power outlet is off or the Wi-Fi LED has been deactivated in the App-Config mode.

The Aoycocr smart plug resetting system is the same, Just flow Gosund guide!

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Actually, smart wifi plugs are a great addition to getting involved in a new experience of connected smart home devices as they can be controlled from the android app or you can use voice controls by linking them to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

But, if you start facing problems with these smart plugs you may reset the smart plugs to come back to its default factory settings following our reset instructions.

Furthermore, if you decide to sell or give away the smart plug you have used in your home, it’s always an excellent idea to reset it to the default factory settings so that it’s no longer associated with your smart device or wireless network.

In conclusion, we want to say that hopefully our review on ‘How to reset smart plug’ will help you to troubleshoot some common problems on your smart wifi plug.

Besides, You may need the best wifi extender for spectrum internet! Just check out the article. Thank you

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