Top 5 Warning Signs Of Spending Too Much Time On Phone Effects in 2022

Spending too much time on the phone? Then you obviously need to read this article if you want to be aware of spending too much time on phone effects.

It’s known to all that we can’t imagine our day-to-day life without mobile phones or other smart devices like tablets or iPad. If you want to know the most successful inventions of the 20th century, then the mobile phone is one of them.

Modern mobile phones are not only used for communication but also used for various purposes like music players, internet browsing, texting, cameras, and organizers as well.

The U.N. Telecom agency published a report that there are almost 6 billion cell phone users around the world and the growing rate of the users is 1.8 percent per year.

Anyway, a mobile phone is essential for everyone whether it is personal or professional. But the fact is that we have to control our dependency on the excessive amount of time of use on phones that impacts more negative effects on our lives.

5 Warning Signs Of Spending Too Much Time On Phone Effects in 2022

01: Creates stress on your eyes

Do you know what’s the most well-known effect of spending too much screen time? It’s the strain. Because if you’re engaged in concentrating too much screen time, your brain inhibits blinking as well as your eyes will become tired and dry gradually.

To check yourself whether you’re suffering from this issue, notice these symptoms below:

  • Do you feel aching of and around the eyes?
  • Feel headache and neck ache?
  • Face difficulty refocusing at a long-distance?
  • Have dryness of the eyes with burning or tearing?
  • Feel blurred vision?

If any answer to the above questions is yes then you should control yourself from spending too much time on the phone.

02: May increase your anxiety

Though modern smartphones provide us with numerous conveniences, they have bad effects too. Because the longer time you spend on the phone screen, the more you will take yourself to increase anxiety.

As a report from a 2014 study, college students are most prone to using cell phones which leads to increase anxiety as well as decreased mental happiness.

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03: May cause to poor sleeping

One of the most effects of spending too much screen time on the phone is the blue light that leads to poor sleeping patterns. Because electronic devices emit blue light that disorders your body’s circadian rhythm.

According to the explanation of the National Sleep Foundation, the more you use electronic smart devices in the evening, the harder it will be for you to fall asleep.

So now you can understand how many health issues including hypertension, diabetes, and obesity may be caused because of lack of sleep. That’s why it will be better to limit yourself to spending too much screen time on the phone.

04: May cause to lead to some serious pain to your text thumbs

You know that most people use their phone in one hand and the main issue is that they use their one-hand thumb to handle their phone. But the joints and muscles of the thumb you use are not designed for just that kind of usage. So, this uncomfortable thumb positioning is injurious to your health as well as leads to you serious pain in your thumb.

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05: May the cause for ignoring your family and friends

It’s one of the worst effects of spending too much phone screen. See everywhere such as a restaurant or party, you will notice that most one is spending the whole time over their smartphones. That means you’re together but apart because of smartphones.

This bad habit is known as phubbing. It will lead you to ignore your friends and family. Besides this bad habit proves that the real-life presence of your friends is less valuable than the glistening entertainment on your smartphones. As a result, it creates a bad effect between relationships.

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Smartphones have made a new epoch of technology as well as made our life more favorable from the perspective of communication. But spending too much time on phones has many side effects. It may cause many dangerous situations like car accidents, distractions at study. So, if we don’t control ourselves from spending too much time on the phone screen, it will create a huge threat to our life and environment.

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